2019 Job Opportunities and Outlook in Toronto

Recent headlines have noted that Canada is currently experiencing major job growth in several sectors, with Statistics Canada noting that 422,000 jobs were created in 2017, the strongest percentage growth in fourteen years. In 2018, the jobless rate dropped to its lowest since Statistics Canada started measuring it forty years ago. Leading the way is Toronto, with top opportunities in diverse sectors for qualified candidates.

Here are some of the sectors containing the best employment opportunities in the city.


According to Immigroup, one of the hottest sectors for employment in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is aerospace. Over 20,000 workers in this industry add more than a billion dollars in wages to the city’s economy. As a result, Toronto is the home to many large companies in this sector, and employment in this industry is especially strong for candidates with an Electrical Engineering background.


Workopolis notes that Toronto has become North America’s fastest growing tech market, with job growth eclipsing other hubs such as New York and San Francisco. One reason for this is the fact that, by comparison, talent wages are relatively reasonable leading to many foreign companies setting up offices in the city to benefit from the pool of qualified candidates that call the city home. As investment in infrastructure continues, wages are expected to increase significantly. Companies such as Google and Facebook all have a major presence in Toronto, while the video gaming industry has also gained a strong foothold, offering great opportunities for qualified candidates in computer graphics and animation.

Jobs for Grads

Meanwhile, CBC states that new graduates are particularly well-served by the Toronto job market thanks to opportunities in several key areas. Going hand-in-hand with the growth in tech sector jobs are new opportunities in cybersecurity, with emphasis on the financial sector due to their vulnerability to cyber attacks and need to be protected. Another sector offering new grads considerable opportunities is the construction industry. As the real estate market heats up, new construction is on the rise. Baby boomers are retiring, and new blood is needed. While labour intensive, opportunities in fields such as bricklaying are so great, a new “residential brick laying” program was added to train masons to help keep up with demand.

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