Why is Uptown the Best Option to Start a Family

If you’re living and working in Toronto and are looking to start a family, you may be faced with a familiar conundrum – where to live. Indeed, Toronto has many family-friendly neighbourhoods that are perfect for a young, cosmopolitan family. However, many agree the uptown area of the city, which encompasses North York, Davisville Village, Chaplin Estates, Allenby, Lyton Park, Bedford Park, Teddington Park, Wanless Park and Lawrence Park, is your absolute best option for starting a family.

Here are some of the reasons why:


Toronto Life notes that elementary schools in the area have consistently ranked near the top of The Fraser Institute’s annual rankings of Ontario elementary schools. Significantly, several of the best performing ones are public schools located in the North York neighbourhood, with private options also situated in the area making this the ideal spot for your child’s education regardless of whether or not you can afford private schooling.

Close to downtown

If you work in the downtown core, the area is easily accessible by transit, thus owning a car isn’t a must. You also won’t have to waste time you could be spending with your family on a long, endless commute.  You can get downtown by subway or bus within thirty minutes. When you return from a busy day in the city you’ll be happy to escape the intensity of the downtown core for a quieter, suburban area full of green spaces you can take a leisurely stroll through to unwind before you return home.

Safety and security

While the uptown area is close enough to downtown to be convenient, it’s also removed enough from the hustle and bustle of the city to make it a family-dominated area, and thus, exceptionally safe. Simply take a look at the CBC’s interactive crime map and see for yourself how rare violent occurrences are in the uptown areas.

Ideal for date night

Uptown Toronto is also home to a number of the city’s buzziest restaurants with the added advantage that they’re all so close you don’t have to bother going into the city or being further than a few minutes away from home by foot. All types of cuisine are well-represented in the area, from ramen shops to burger joints, breakfast spots and many, many options where meals come in at well under $30 – even at some of the hottest spots.

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