Getting Around in Mississauga To Be a Bit Easier This Winter

Good news for commuters: Mississauga’s snow clearing program has been given a $3.1-million boost for the 2019/2021 winter season. Starting in November, city maintenance will be improved around bus stops, sidewalks, and major roads. Hospitals, schools, and nursing homes will also be given an increase of snow clearing, thanks to the two-year winter maintenance reserve increase. 

Those opposing the bill encouraged people to use MiWay services instead of driving during the winter weather. Though one supporter of the proposal, Pat Sait, Ward 9 Councillor explained, “We can’t be pushing people to leave their cars at home and use transit if we don’t make it safe for them to get to the transit stop.” 

If the council wishes to support the winter maintenance increase in 2021, it could result in a 0.4% budget hike, which will average an additional $7.40 per year in taxes on the average residential property worth $645,000. 

This change will help support services that currently provide both salting and snow removal bus stops and high traffic sidewalks that are dealt with after maintaining primary roads and collector routes. The council was presented with an additional $2.1 million proposal to keep bike lanes clear during the winter months, but it was declined. 

Currently, bike lanes on priority roads are cleared and salted, and the city feels that this is sufficient. Ward 5 Coun. Carolyn Parrish stated she couldn’t compare winter maintenance of bike lanes with senior’s needs for more snow removal.

“For the number of people that actually bike in the winter in a snowstorm compared to the seniors that need to get at a bus stop or the seniors who need windrow clearance, I can’t defend bike trail (maintenance),” she explained. 

Those living in the area are happy about the boost in funding, one Redditor admitted that they did notice that winter maintenance had been falling short over the past few years, stating that, “Some sidewalks just never got plowed.”

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